Sander Dur

Jul 19, 2021

1 min read

It is I!

👋 Sander Dur typing here, awesome of you to read my profile! I’m passionate about everything that is related to business agility, especially the people aspect. I’m an advocate of bringing back humanity to the workspace again.

🏢 I work as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach at Next to that, I’m a trainer for the Gladwell Academy on things Agile.

🎤 Next to these articles and my regular day job, I host a podcast called Mastering Agility, where all the biggest names in the industry drop by to talk about whatever they feel is important. Names include Mike Cohn, Maarten Dalmijn, Roman Pichler, and Jeff Patton.

🌊 Editor and active writer at Serious Scrum, the largest publication on Medium about Scrum.

✉️ Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn! I’m always up for a good conversation.